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Prayer revisited. (3 min 52 sec)


    1. There is no separation between you and God.

    Your true nature is divine, and your prayers are not separate from God. They are an expression of your inner desires and intentions. So, it's not a matter of whether God can answer your prayers; it's about realizing that your intentions and desires are already in alignment with the divine, and the answers are within you.

    2. The idea of normal or abnormal life is a product of the dualistic, egoic mind.

    Your essence is whole and complete. There is nothing to restore because your true nature is beyond the physical body and its limitations. Embrace the awareness that you are already perfect and whole.

    3. Safety is sought in the external world, but true safety comes from recognizing the oneness of all beings.

    Your family and all beings are extensions of the same divine source. Safety is found in the awareness of this unity, where there is no separation to fear. Trust in the inherent interconnectedness of all life.

    4. Rest is not just physical but also a state of inner peace.

    Connect with the present moment and let go of worries about the future week. In the stillness of the present, you'll find true rest, and it doesn't depend on external help. It's an inner state of peace that is always available when you shift your awareness to the now.

    5. The idea of what's important is driven by the ego's judgments.

    All moments are equally significant because they are expressions of the divine unfolding. Trust that whatever you do is already in alignment with the greater plan of the universe, and you are always guided, even in the smallest actions.

    6. Any "success" to do with your body is a temporary outcome.

    Your true purity is not related to physical practices. Your essence is already pure and untouched by the world. While body changes can have benefits, remember that your ultimate purity lies in the awareness of your divine nature.

    7. Wealth preservation is not a valid concern because true wealth transcends material possessions.

    Recognize that your real wealth is the awareness of your true self. Material wealth is temporary, but the abundance of love, compassion, and inner peace is ever-present and can't be lost.

    8. Positivity and negativity are dualistic concepts.

    Life is all about embracing the wholeness of experience, which includes both positive and negative aspects. Seek balance and acceptance of all emotions and thoughts, understanding that they are nothing more than passing clouds in the sky of your consciousness.

    9. Every moment is a new chance.

    You are not bound by past actions or mistakes. Embrace the present moment, where the slate is always clean, and the opportunity for transformation is continuous.

    10. The idea of God's plan is seen as a mysterious external path.

    You are an integral part of the divine unfolding. Your purpose is not separate from God's plan; it is a unique expression of it. Look within for guidance and trust your inner wisdom, knowing that you are already on the path of your purpose.
    God's plan is the same for us: to remember our true nature as beings of love and light, to awaken from the dream of separation, and to experience the peace and joy of oneness with all that is.
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