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Predictions For Secret Invasion

I'm excited about the new Marvel series 'Secret Invasion'. The comic book mini-series event up-ended a lot of the Marvel Universe as long-standing characters were revealed to be impostors, and as such, several characters were brought back from the dead (the dead character was a shape-shifted impostor).

Here are some (perhaps unlikely) predictions about what could happen.

SPOILERS for past Marvel movies (except Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3, which I haven't yet seen)

    1. Back from the Dead: Pietro/Quicksilver

    Died in Age of Ultron. What if he was a Skrull since then?

    2. Back from the Dead: Wanda/Scarlett Witch

    Bonus for undoing the character assassination she underwent in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness

    3. Secretly a Skrull for Years: Rhodey/War Machine

    He is in the series, and they might use this as a means of undoing his spinal injury. That would be unfortunate as his use of leg braces gives a visible example of an Avenger with a disability.

    4. Back from the Dead: Natasha/Black Widow

    5. New Character: Spider Woman/Jessica Drew

    She was prominent and important to the comic books. I think Sony might own the character, so maybe it's not possible.

    6. New Character: Nick Fury Jr.

    Samuel Jackson isn't getting any younger, and casting a younger actor to take over a role pivotal to the MCU might be a good idea.

    7. Secretly a Skrull - Yonn Rogg (Jude Law's character from Captain Marvel)

    The sequel is coming, maybe he'll be a good guy in the future...

    8. Surprise Character - The Vision

    He hasn't been seen since Wandavision. In that series, SWORD was involved, and they are typically involved with extra-terrestrial threat stories like Secret Invasion.

    9. Plot Expansion - Kree/Skrull Conflict

    In the comics, the Skrulls are typically more villainous, while the Kree are at least more morally grey, while they have a long-standing conflict and several wars. In the movies, the Skrulls have been presented as a persecuted race while the Kree are almost always villainous. The series could give us some history about their conflict and present both sides as grey.

    10. Dies: Nick Fury

    As I said, Samuel Jackson isn't getting younger.

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