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Preparing for Chaos in Times of Peace

Things in life appear to come in waves. There are highs, and there are lows. I have been thinking about ways to fight the lows while on a high. For this ideation, I assume that highs and lows are inevitable. Could then sacrificing the maximum high you can get in a wave result in a more optimal low? What would it look like to decrease the volatility of the highs and lows and have it trend up? The following ideas are more an exploration than a prescription.

    1. Documenting Life

    Practically, what if one, while on a high in life, was to document how exactly he is conducting his life? What that individual is doing, thinking, and believing at the time. This would leave a paper trail for his future self to be able to follow back to the high. Here you curb some time in the high part of the cycle in an effort to curb the duration of the low part of the cycle.

    2. Future Easter Eggs

    Financially, one way to hedge against the future's lows while on a high cycle is to be deliberate about savings and investments. Perhaps one can lock up an amount for future them in times of need. This results in lower spending money in the present, but could it result in a better financially low cycle? Would it then be easier to bounce back by hedging the lows while on a high?

    3. Spreading Excess Energy

    While on the high of a cycle, could it be is wise to rally and support someone whose cycle may be trending lower? Give radically in times of prosperity in hopes of finding a hand when one is down.

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