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Press release headlines

It is possible to submit press releases to many media sites at once, and possibly get picked up by a news service or discovered by interesting people who are interested in what you are promoting.

    1. Mark Leeds is now providing media consulting services

    Learn how to connect with your ideal publicist!

    2. And now it begins, the power of the ultimate creative mastermind group has just been activated.

    Tap into the power and leave the old thinking box way behind!

    3. Marketing is dead. Here is what has replaced marketing.

    4. Never sell. Selling scares away all prospects. What works better than selling?

    5. Here is the ultimate playlist that will make you learn twice as fast.

    6. Hold this thought in your mind and it will align your brain state to make anything possible.

    7. Mark Leeds has released the latest version of his world famous idea-generating course

    8. Learn how to finish off a list of ten ideas in one short sitting!

    9. Why is there no iPhone 9? Here is the secret of 9, and why you should skip it.

    10. What makes you smarter and more creative? Jazz or Opera?

    Hint: It's jazz. Just because.

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