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Priorities For Freedom

This list is a companion to a blog post I published this morning for July 4th titled Defining Freedom For Yourself. In a crossover sort of post this list is how I define freedom for myself. The blog post outlines what I think are common building blocks for a definition that once in place can allow for pursuing our own beliefs on the matter.

    1. Fit beyond merely being able bodied.

    The things I like to do require being very fit so I am very motivated to put in the work. Every aspect of life is easier when you can physically do for yourself.

    2. Financial resiliency

    Stuff happens, I had a scare earlier this year when the partners of the firm I worked at sunk us. I landed safely almost right away but we could have managed if things had not worked out.

    3. Not having an alarm clock or no commute

    Both are metaphors for being able to set my own schedule. It's also literal, I've really never needed an alarm clock. Time is freedom and it is wealth. Setting your own schedule is a huge one for me for defining freedom.

    4. Mostly not having to deal with other people's BS

    I haven't quite zeroed this out of my life but have very little of it. People who are assholes, or time stealers or extremely self-centered and so one suck the lifeblood from us. The less exposure the happier you will be.

    5. Not caring what other people think

    There are very few people in our lives whose opinion matters. Once you can actually accept that, things get much easier. It's emotional freedom.

    6. Freedom from envy

    There is tremendous freedom in not caring when someone else appears to be more successful other than to be genuinely happy for them and assume the best like they're not insanely over levered paying for their lifestyle. If someone is actually more successful then they are either smarter, work harder, are luckier or some combo of the three. Once you can actually accept that, things get much easier. It's emotional freedom.

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