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Proclaim Them Innocent - Here's Why

Your real safety lies in your defenselessness, allowing yourself to be totally vulnerable.

    1. The unspoken language.

    When you defend your unspoken language to the other person it goes a bit like this.

    "You are guilty, you are dangerous, and you're the problem"

    Always remember that it takes two to go to war, even if it's with yourself.

    2. The self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Have you ever seen a dog chasing its tail? This is exactly what happens when you attack?

    When you attack someone will feel the need to defend themselves. Now you're caught up in a series of attack/defense, attack/defense and it can become really ugly from here.

    Also, when you defend or attack you openly declare that "it" (whatever "it" is) is trying to get you and it always brings out the worst in you and others.

    3. Let others know that you feel safe with them.

    When you are very clear that other people are not the problem they will rise to that occasion every time.

    You not only bring out the best in yourself but you help to bring out the best in others. It's a win/win.

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