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Productive Day

Thankful for the day.

    1. Minisplit installation day 1

    Minisplits are combo AC and heating units. We want to be less reliant on propane for heat and the last couple of summers have been warmer than normal or what used to be normal so now we'll have air conditioning. These units use electricity but are very economical, all the moreso that we have solar power. We don't need AC all that often, it's 68 degrees as I write this list, but it will be good to have.

    2. Type 3 Engine equipment list

    I made some progress compiling the needed equipment for the the new engine we are buying. The process for the equipment is to make the list (it's long), price it and then try to get a grant for the equipment.

    3. Alternate workout

    I usually lift weights on Mondays but because of the minisplit and wrangling dogs while the installers were here, I did a mini workout at home. I did 100 air squats (try it), I did 100 pushups in 3:15 my fastest ever by about 30 seconds and I did about a 100 yard sprint. Sprinting is something I should do more of. Far from a full workout but still exercise and a good follow up to yesterday's 6+ mile hike.

    4. Wrote a fun blog post

    5. Tackled a nuisance cleaning project in the house

    Tag team effort between my wife and me.

    6. Continued the seasonal weeding project

    As part of our monsoon we get a ton of weeds in our dog pens. I pull the weeds in sections or chunks and got a good sized chunk done today.

    7. Arranged to get one of our water tenders schedule for service

    A water tender is a water truck essentially. Fire apparatus need to be serviced by licensed fire mechanics and there is an annual testing requirement for all the vehicles' pumping capacity. The place we take our vehicles has had a couple of seasoned mechanics retire recently so scheduling is tight, I'm always grateful when we can get trucks in for service.

    8. Got scholarships for the Arizona State Fire School

    Every September there is a 4 day fire school down in Phoenix. This is where we send guys to learn how to fight structure fires, this is for exterior structure firefighting. It's not that we'd be turned down, that's very unlikely, but it is a little bit of a process and I got it done.

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