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Projects for the week

What can I work on this week?

    1. Character design

    I'd like to make my popeman story into a comic.  The first step is to draw up a few designs for the characters.

    I'd like to have a comic or animation made in time for Christmas so I can share it as a new Christmas story.

    2. Read

    I've f

    Got a lot of books I'm working through.  Really enjoying them.

    3. Write

    I'd like to write down all my daily advice video's into blog posts.  Maybe I could use a transcriber to do the job for me.

    4. Videos

    People have been enjoying my Popeman readings.  I've got a few more chapters left to record.

    5. Rerecord jokes

    I've got a lot of old jokes that I should touch up.  The fact that it's 99% done makes updating and recording really easy.

    6. Advertising

    I'd like to share a few of my designs and hopefully lead to a few more sales.

    7. Junkieman

    People have loved popeman, so I'd like to tackle my next project.  Junkieman.

    A story about a superhero who gains his powers temporary by taking drugs.  It starts with his friends death, he then goes to a wake and finds out his friend was a superhero and he's asked to take his place.  He trains fights monsters and it eventually leads to him finding love and having a purpose in life again.

    8. Books

    I've ton's of notes for multiple books as well as a draft for one.  I really should get back to working on them.
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