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Psychological Biases And How To Wield Them

!0 Biases from an upcoming book I'm working on. What do you think? How could I improve the list?

Psychological Biases And How To Wield Them

    1. Conservatism Bias

    The conservatism bias refers to our tendency to cling to our poor beliefs or estimates, even in the face of new evidence. When presented with evidence that contradicts their prior beliefs they will create a story to prove to themselves that they where always right, in regards to their prior beliefs/estimates.

    No-one ever walks away from a debate believing they lost and the other persons view is correct. Instead they taker all the evidence from the other side and dismiss it or construct a narrative that makes it align with their prior beliefs.

    How To Wield:

    Seek out new information: By seeking out new information, especially information that contradicts your existing beliefs and estimates, you can reduce the impact of the conservatism bias and make more accurate assessments.

    Being open to new ideas: By being open to new ideas and perspectives, you can avoid clinging to your existing beliefs and reduce the impact of the conservatism bias.

    Encouraging feedback: By seeking feedback from others, you can get a more accurate view of your beliefs and assumptions, and avoid the conservatism bias.

    Reviewing assumptions: By regularly reviewing your beliefs and assumptions, you can identify any instances of the conservatism bias and take steps to correct for it.

    Gaslighting: If you want others to change their mind make them believe that this new shift was always what they believed. If you can make them believe this is who they were, they will use new evidence to back up that claim.

    2. Functional Fixedness

    3. The Law Of The Instrument

    4. Clustering Illusion

    5. Illusory Correlation

    6. Pareidolia

    7. Anthropocentric Thinking

    8. Anthropomorphism

    9. Attentional Bias

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