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Pub nights

The weekend is packed, but what do you do throughout the week?

    1. Simpsons night

    We did this tonight as noone else was on the pub. It was awesome. Laughing away watching early simpsons. You could extend the night by playing old TV shows from 6 until closing. Treat it as if your a 90's TV station and show the next episode the next week. It takes everyone back to happier times.

    2. Quiz

    A classic, but it works. Diffrent rounds so everyone has a chance to show off.

    3. Open mic

    I like the idea of stand up mixed with Kareoke /bands. A little bit of everything. Most will be rubbish but you'll find a few gems every week.

    4. Food night

    The chefs show off their own dishes and customers pick out the best. The best can then be added to the menu.

    5. Never have I ever

    Or any drinking game played with everyone in the bar. Quickly builds a community. Bar will sell a lot more and everyone will be happy and having a laugh.

    6. The Rocco Effect -?

    The bar staff pass around my book allowing customers to open to a random page and write down their answers. After everyone answers the book can be awarded to one of the people who provided the best answer.

    Want the book? Of course you do - The Rocco Effect - ? https://amzn.eu/d/95gyq3x

    7. Singles night

    Potential daters can come in hopes to find their new love. Speed dating /dancing.

    8. Chill

    A normal night. Nothing exciting, just a night out to chill with friends.

    9. Sports night

    Before the game people can play bar sports. Beer pong, dominos, basketball (fling a beer cap in the bin) ect. Sells more drinks, fun and if you make teams you get a competitive aspect that sells even more.

    10. Film night

    Customers can make their own short films then show them off at the bar. Best film wins a free round.

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