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Put Your Mask On First - every day, a part of your soul dies from a preventable disease.

A weak pole can only transmit weak signals.

A dead pole transmits no signals.

You cannot give to others what you are not willing to give to yourself.

My question to you: If you believe that putting a mask on is essential for your survival why are you trying to put one on your child first? your friend first? your colleague first? your neighbor first?

Why don't you be the example? Show them the way.

    1. Air - Imagine what you breathe

    Mask on - mask off - what are you doing?

    With a mask on you now have one of four ingredients necessary to be of value to another.

    Air represents the flow of energy. What are you thinking and believing?

    You cannot save anyone (including yourself) coming from a place of fear.

    What's flowing through your memories? Are you constantly beating yourself up with an already gone past?

    Be mindful of the thoughts you breathe in because those same thoughts will manifest themselves in your world.

    With clean air, the sky is the limit. (no pun intended)

    Great power is in the air.

    2. Natural oil

    Natural oil is the second of four ingredients necessary to be of value to another.

    Natural oil is your natural state. To be in doubt, fear, anger, or work is unnatural. An ego construct.

    Oil is the lubricant that keeps your life running nice and smooth. It's the sound of a quiet engine and a loving heart.

    It runs throughout your entire being and the last thing you want at a time like this is for your engine to sputter.

    Deciding to use hydrogenated oil as a lubricant is not a wise choice.

    3. Fuel - The only time you need to be mindful of is who's before you

    Fuel is the third of four ingredients necessary to be of value to another.

    Fuel is the internal motivation needed to give your gifts and talents to the world.

    Once your mask is on you're all set to see the situation more objectively.

    Once your mask is on you become more aware of seeing what the situation before you calls for.

    Fuel is the overflowing feeling of joy, peace, love, and happiness.

    Fuel helps get you in front of the people who need your assistance.

    Fuel helps anchor you in the present moment.

    Fuel is gas.

    Fuel is spontaneous illumination.

    4. Water - the cleaner the better

    Water is the fourth of four ingredients necessary to be of value to another.

    Water is the new brew.

    Water cools down the engine and keeps it from overheating.

    Water is refreshing and essential.

    Now you're a cool operator with good clean water ready to assist others.

    Putting on your mask first requires all four ingredients. If one is missing, nobody gets saved.

    If all are present, the entire world is saved.

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