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Questions About AI & Self-Publishing...

From this post by @chris407x

    1. Are you worried about copyright/royalties/credit?

    If A.I is a co-author, could it, or it's creators come after you legally?

    2. What was the total financial investment in getting published?

    I went back and reviewed the post, I think he said $50 total.

    3. What was the total time investment in getting published?

    4. Of that total time, how much was taken up by actual writing?

    Vs wrestling the AI and other tools into doing what you wanted.

    5. "These platforms LOVE new content and want to make it very easy for you to publish"

    How so? Why?

    6. Did you play with other platforms besides Amazon?

    Were any taken out of the running due to problems?

    7. Which Tool Generated the Images?

    As far as I know, ChatGPT is language/text only...

    8. Do you worry about what data you sent to the AI companies?

    I think the images/portraits people have created with Lensa are gorgeous, but I'm scared of sending images of my family to some company that might use them for nefarious purposes.

    9. Does it feel stifling to have AI dilute or alter your "voice"?

    10. Would you consider turning your experience into its own content?

    Perhaps a Premium List here on NotePD, a course, ebook, video...?

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