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Questions I Wish I Had Asked My Mom

Inspired by a list written by @arty , this list is a twist on that. There are a number of people I wish I had asked questions of, and I have lost the opportunity because they have left this plane of existence. I think I will get several lists from this, and my hope is that it will inspire me and those who happen to read to ask questions of the people you have in your life while you have the chance.

My mom died in 2011, and a few weeks later my wife's mom died, leaving us both orphans—in our 50s, of course, but it still felt that way. Here are some questions I never asked. I don't have commentary about them. These are just things I would like to have discussed with her.


    1. You were 17 years old when World War II started. What do you remember about the beginning of that?

    2. What was high school like for you?

    3. What was your favorite memory from growing up?

    4. Your mom and dad seemed to have a strange relationship, and I always suspected your mom may have been abused. Do you remember anything about that?

    5. What is your greatest regret?

    6. You claimed a doctor said you were too anxious to go to college, but college would have been unusual for a woman in rural West Tennessee at the time. Was that what actually happened?

    7. What was your favorite memory with Dad?

    8. Did you ever wish you had married someone else?

    9. What is something you changed your mind about as you got older?

    10. What's something you kept hidden from me when I was young?

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