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Random Ideas

    1. I wish there was an easy way to convert my song lists (top tens) into playlists on Youtube music

    2. Musical Theme Clouds

    I wish I could see how many songs I re-use in my top ten lists. Some of my favourites of course will pop-up again and again and it would be neat to see how there are links between the themed lists.

    3. I think there may be a market for silent helicopters (a la AirWolf)

    I'd love to be able to fly in, and fly out of places, but I hate noise.

    4. Can there be a "good script - bad movie"?

    5. Digital Garden => Digital Menagerie?

    I like the concept of a "Digital Garden" (insofar as I understand it), but gardening is boring, so I want to rename the concept.

    6. My Reading Endurance can not keep pace with my thirst for knowledge

    It's hard to read long-form text nowadays. It's like I'll have to build up to marathon endurance...

    7. Rapid Deployment Bag/Kit for Exercise

    I'd like a pre-shelved kit for cold-weather and nighttime running. I skipped out tonight because I couldn't be asked (and was short on time) to track down my headlamp and rear night-light and a running jacket. Cycling, yoga... for so many activities it would be great if you could grab and go. Of course, dressing is still an effort until such kits would fly onto you like Iron Man's armour.

    8. I Need My Bookmarked articles/links/idea lists to be 'pushed' at regular intervals so they actually get read.

    9. Heist Movies might not be my thing anymore

    I watched 2 mediocre heist flicks back-to-back (Now You See Me 2, Red Notice) and I guess it's more than my suspension of disbelief can handle. All the modern technology available for security means they have to create huge holes for the protagonists to get in. Biometric scans, and changing codes, but a 45-second window where the guards are changing with no overlap at all. Plus, it seems like they could get away with only half the security measures, if schematics and blueprints were not so readily available. I also never understand where the thieves get all the specialized equipment from on such short notice.

    10. An Anti-Heist Story Idea

    I had the idea of someone who provides fake versions of the blueprints and schematics they always need, and thereby catches the thieves in the act as they try to break into the wrong place at the wrong time.

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