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Random rants

Rant's usually lead to jokes hopefully I can find something useful from this list.

    1. Talk to me

    We've all seen the posts on social media 'i'd rather talk to you at 3am than talk at your funeral ' or something along those lines. Most of you have probably shared something similar, but not me, because unlike you lot I like my sleep.

    Despite that people still msg me with their problems. Which wouldn't be so bad if it was once in a blue moon, but it's not it's everyday as soon as you help one person two more have already took their place. It gets to the point where I need to cut down on living my own life to help others, why? because what's more important working on my business or saving someone's life?

    And despite all the lives I've saved noone looks at me like I'm batman or Spiderman (maybe Miles Morales), no they just see me as someone that doesn't really do much.

    Anyway point is there's plenty of other folk out there eager to be woken up at 3am for an hour long chat about how useless you are, call them.

    2. Let's start a business

    Ever since writing and selling my own books people have wanted to team up and start a business with me.  'Rocco we could write books together ' like I'm currently doing myself? 'yeah, but we could also have a website, merch, TV shows ....' That's a lot how do we get there? 'Start with the books?' like I'm doing fine on my own.  'yeah!' why do I need your help then? 'well I've got the idea of expanding it to all these new places ' but we're in no position to do all those things, not until a lot later. 'huh?'

    I then give them the benefit of the doubt to waste time planning.  Some people plan far to much.  We'll do this and this then we'll do that and we can ask them to help with this.... Week after week going nowhere.  It's not just the book stuff it's people wanting to start their own clothing business, or their own website or taking the clothing to retail and opening a store.  Stop planning and just get started.  Adjust your course as you go.

    And then they waste time working on aspects that don't matter.  If we want a book we'll need a website to give off professional vibes, and a logo and a video advert to attract customers and posters lining the streets and we can hire a band to write a song about our book and have them tour over the country.  How much have I written?  Nothing.  I'm focusing on what's important your doing the easy stuff, the writing and designing of the book.  

    Once the books written how much further are they on doing anything productive?  Well they have a much clearer view of what needs done, does that count?

    Honestly people just do something.  Planning doesn't count.

    3. University

    Study hard in school so you can go to university.  Study even harder so you can get your degree and get a good job.  Get your degree and spend forever looking for work only to end up working with highschool dropouts.  What was the point in all that studying and hard work?

    The sooner you can start working the better.  Experience beats knowledge.  What beats experience is having a recommendation from someone that knows you.  So make pals with people doing well in life and ask for a recommendation.

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