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Steve Alvest


Random recent thoughts


    1. The next recession isn't going to manifest until people stop bracing for it

    As long as people keep thinking a recession is coming, it's not going to come. The moment most people let their guards down, the United States will go into recession.

    2. Artificial Intelligence will actually help people become more creative, since AI does uncreative work so easily and readily

    What's the point of wasting time rehashing content when anyone anywhere can just ask an AI to do it for them. Maybe the existence of AI will force content creators to be more creative in order to remain relevant.

    3. The key to longevity lies more with mindset than with special diets

    Anecdotal evidence

    4. I made the most amazing fruit smoothie this week

    I just blended up frozen fruits, water, stevia, and lemon juice for a refreshing fruit smoothie with zero grams of added sugars

    5. ChatGPT is a great tool for travel planning

    My prompt: "What are ten good things to do in Barcelona, Spain with a family of five people ages 8 to 43 in May? Please make sure that each item on the list is within 10 minutes walking distance to a Metro station."

    It gave me 10 options, including the nearest Metro station for each.

    6. Ignorant me just learned that the official language of Barcelona is Catalan, not Spanish.

    I'll brush up on my Spanish anyways, since the two languages look similar, and many people in Barcelona do speak Spanish as well.

    7. I have this urge to tear down all my existing processes and start from scratch again in order to simplify my life.

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