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Random stories

I've really been enjoying writing random stories, so I'll continue the trend. 

    1. Santa

    The Santa story needs updating.  You have Santas plastered 10 minutes away from each other in different stores and kid's have ment to believe that they're all the same person?  How about altering the story so that they're all 'santa'. Santa isn't one person.  One person delivering Gifts to everyone in one night is impossible, but multiple Santas doing it sounds a lot more believable.  They all work for the same company and head out Christmas night on their own sleigh.  Basically magic postemen.

    Actually a story about the Santas all being postmen could be fun.  The top postmen get promoted to become Santas.  Magic can change their appearance once promoted.

    2. Dark age king

    I always like to remind myself that I'm currently living better than royalty did less than 100 years ago.  I had this idea for a story about a forgotten king from the dark ages who time travels to the current day.  He only has a week before he's sent back in time.  His job is to collect as much useful knowledge as possible so that he can improve the past and be remembered forever.

    It will serve as a way for us to see our mundane lives as something amazing.  Beds, TV, the internet, running water etc.  to make it more fun he can find out that his reign was forgotten about.  There's no data from that time period.  He can still go back and change everything for the better, but other than those who are currently living at that time he'll be forgotten to time.  And maybe that's not so bad.

    3. Dr. Poo

    A time traveling janitor who uses a portaloo to travel throughout time and space.  The portaloo is bigger on the inside.  Inside it is a huge bathroom with a fountain in the middle that is used for washing hands.

    He can travel in time clean the place and then jump to a new location.

    4. Order 43

    I wrote about this idea before, but it's so good that I'll share again.

    Aliens are discovered and they share some important news.  If the world's population ever reaches 9billion they will destroy the planet.  

    So the world government's come together to implement order 43.  The govements need to lower their population levels.  Some try to turn their population gay, others sterilise the population.  Others turn the sexes against each other.  Others promote abortion.ect.  some chose war, kill others so they can continue to grow, but this leads to ww3.  And at the other side of that the order is forgotten, the population grows and before long, the aliens attack.

    People are having less kids all over the world.  I thought adding some crazy conspiracy to that would make a fun story.

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