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Random stories about my day

I enjoyed doing this yesterday.  Random thoughts on mundane things sounds like a great start to new comic's or animations.

    1. Bed

    The sun shone through the window, waking me up.  Waking me up far earlier than I wanted to be awake.  I tried covering up the window and getting back to sleep, but my attempts were futile all the moving about just ended up waking me up more.  I lay in bed hoping that if I just lade there I'd eventually drift back off, but sadly it didn't work, I was awake, there was no turning back.

    2. Coffee

    I was up It was time for me to accept that fact.  I got out of bed, went down stairs and put the kettle on.  Whilst the water was heating up I prepared the coffee.  I'm now using grownd coffee and some weird filter machine.  Pretty good coffee.  Once the water was boiled I poured it into the machine and waited.

    3. Podcasts

    I listened to a podcast.  I can't remember what one though.i guess my brain was still sleeping.  Once the coffee was made I poured it into a mug and took it back to my bedroom.  It was cold so I wrapped myself up warm in bed.  Zzzzz.....

    4. Oops

    I woke up a little later than I would have liked.  I still had to eat, shower and head to work and no-one likes room-temp coffee eewww.... So I had to make as well.  Downstairs, water in kettle, kettle on, pasta in pot, salt on pasta, coffee into machine, water boiled, poured on pasta, stove on, poured in machine, wait, stir pasta, wait, wait, wait, pour coffee in mug, drink, aagghh... Still to hot, stir pasta, wait, wait, another sip, much better, stir, fork into pot, eat pasta, almost ready, sip coffee, fork in pasta, mmm... Perfect.  Finished coffee added sauce to pasta and ate it.  Awesome.

    30 minutes to shower, get ready and go to work.  Aagghh.....

    5. Shower

    You could call it a shower, but I'd more accurately call it a splash.  There was enough water to clean me, not enough for all the body washes, shampoos, conditioners and whatever else was lying about, but I don't mind, I'm a man, I'll survive without them.

    6. Work

    My workmates sick, but no need to worry a new guy's in.  He's a good laugh, but a lot slower than my friend.  Look's like I'm working harder than usual tonight.  It's not so bad though.  I'm pretty sure the shower didn't wash off all my bo, so if anyone smells it I'll just state that it's due to working so hard today.  What was once a smell of disgust will be a smell of pride, pride towards a super hard worker. Sniff sniff....

    7. Break

    As I relax on my break I write this list.  Adding a little bit of fun to my boring day has been fun.  Doing next to nothing has turned into a really fun day.  If you're day's been boring I recommend writing about it but trying to make it more fun, you'll feel much better afterwards.
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