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Random things I'm glad to be getting rid of

Bad weather = an opportunity to clean cabinets, closets and junk drawers and get rid of things that I forgot I even owned. Less "stuff" = less stress...

    1. Allen wrenches that come with bookcases and other types of "assembly required" furniture

    I had dozens of them...

    2. Leftover screws, nuts, bolts, etc... from past projects

    Not even one time have I ever said "oh hey that leftover bracket from that shelf I hung up two years ago would be a perfect fit for this new thing I'm trying to do..."

    3. Broken lamps and appliances that I thought I was going to fix one day

    Never gonna happen...

    4. Old, outdated electronics

    I can still hear myself saying "you never know... I might still want to use this one day..." right before sticking it in a drawer and forgetting about it five years ago...

    5. T-shirts, caps, pens, etc with logos on them.

    I have no idea what makes "free giveaway" stuff so enticing....

    6. Old name tags and lanyards

    I used to save these because I thought that having a record of all the "cool" conferences and events I went to gave me some type of status. As I've gotten older I've started to notice that they really just look like a bunch of corporate bullshit...

    7. Old power cables

    They're always tangled together and never the right size for whatever device I need to charge anyway.

    8. Tools that I bought for one specific purpose years ago and no longer have a use for

    I either threw away the thing I was trying to fix or did such a good job of fixing it that the tool I used is now useless.

    9. Fancy silverware and dishes that I haven't used in years

    ...and I honestly don't remember ever using them... My friends just aren't "fancy" enough to care about the kinds of dishes I serve their meals on when they come to visit me...

    10. Whatever this thing is...

    Your guess is as good as mine...

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