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    1. Are ADHD kid's just addicts?

    Social Media is turning us all into addicts. 

    Social media/games/videos ect. are all designed to be addictive to adults, kid's don't stand a chance. Like a slot machine you scroll down to generate a new random feed. Could be good, bad or a mix. Notifications are like the flashing lights at casinos and the noises are also designed to get you're heart racing and focused. That's why youtube (And every other social media) no longer has downvotes displayed, after a certain amount you'll not want to watch/read.  

    Take the phone away and the junkie tics, anger, busyness etc. all come into play.  They quickly become wee junkies willing to do anything for their next fix. 

    I think many kids aren't ADHD, but are addicts, hooked on something far too strong for their wee minds to handle. Then again, i'm not a doctor, so probably wrong.

    2. Junkieman - Training

    For the next few days after work we'd go down to the forest and fight monsters. After a week of this I got called into the managers office to talk to Tommy. I sat down and then he softly asked 'Are you alright mate? Something really seems off with you lately?'. What! Something seems off? My best mates just died, you took my job! And I've been demoted to cleaning the bathrooms after you of course I'm not bloody alright! 'nae. I'm fine.' Tommy nods his head and then comes out with 'In that case I want you in on time tomorrow and not hungover, otherwise you're fired. This is your one and only warning. Now get out and unclog the toilet. Chop chop!'

    Fired? Seriously. He wouldn't do that. How could he. Noone else is gonna clean up the toilets. And what does he mean hungover? Sure I've been a little late, but I've still had the energy to clean up his mess. He's probably just acting the big man, nothing to worry about. Now let's get that toilet fixed.

    After work I went to the forest for training. After destroying a few more monsters Sha'man said I was ready to become a full time hero. Do I bought a week's worth of pills from him and started my life as a superhero.

    The next day I went to work. A few minutes late, but who cares, not like I missed anything. 'Your late.' Tommy said shacking his head 'Youre fried. Go home.'. Huh? Seriously? Naa he's kidding around, I'll get changed and get on with my job. Once I was changed I took a few of the bins outside to the back, that's when I Heard a load scream, a lot like the scream of the monsters at the forest. Is this what Sha'man ment when he said I was ready? That I can now sense monsters? So I popped a pill and seeked it out. It was hidden in the large bin outside. It started filing rubbish out at me. I screamed to power up and with a mighty kick the monster fell out of the bin. Whilst it lay on the floor I punched it's head in until it turned into dust and disappeared. The aftermath was a mess, but I saved the restaurant, I couldn't wait to tell everyone. Luckily for me I didn't need to brag, everyone saw. They were all gobsmacked, silent, watching my mighty strength. Just then Tommy joined them 'What the fuck do you think you're doing you specky wee mongo?' just then my powers disappeared, just as Tommy took a swing right to my face. Boom!

    I'm not sure how long I was out but I awoke on the streets, naked with my clothes flung on top of me, smelling and dripping of piss. I saved them all and this is the thanks I get. Really? I grabbed my clothes, defeated and headed home.

    On the front door was a note 'You only paid half the rent, I want the rest by tomorrow or your out -Bob'. Crap. I forgot I need to pay Gary's part as well. But without a job how am I going to do that? I spent the rest of my money on this week's pills. I don't have anything left.

    Guess I'd better pack my bags and get ready for a life on the streets.

    3. Man Vs Bear

    I've seen a few memes about women rather being left in a forest with a random Bear than with a random man.

    Proof that we need to teach how to read data better.

    Bears are far more likely to be dangerous.  Unless you're including koala bears  Which you shouldn't, because they aren't bears.  Even more proof that the education system needs fixed.

    4. Pub

    Off to the pub later.  Hopefully it's a good night.  😎

    5. Friends

    Have you noticed how you've become far wiser after becoming friends with Rocco?

    You're also looking better than you ever have. 😍

    Ooh la la 💖

    Let's not forget happier. Look at you smiling again.


    I think not.

    Look at how idiotc, disgusting and miserable those that dislike Rocco are.

    Eww... 🤮

    Stay blessed pal. 🙏

    You're welcome.

    6. Mystery

    I always wondered why people were so fascinated by people that treated them badly, but the mystery aspect seems to make sense.  We all like a mystery and can't rest until it's solved.  Finding out why they were treated so bad serves as a mystery and so they're fascinated until they work out why.

    Maybe there's more to it.

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