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    1. Clear head

    I use to think a lot.  Lately my mind's been really clear.  I'm not sure what I prefer more.  Thinking non stop is tiring, but it's where all my best ideas/work comes from.  Not thinking as much is really peaceful.  It's like playing life on easy mode.

    I think most of my energys going to repairing my body.  I'll be thinking like a madman again soon enough.

    2. What's important

    I've been feeling bad about myself with where I work and with living back with my parents at this age, but for the most part that's very low on people lists of priorities when judging someone.  People really like me despite that and I think having such a strong bond with a wide variety of people is far more important than my current job/living condition.

    I need to remember to focus on what's important.  I don't judge people on these aspects it was stupid to think that they would.

    3. Christmas

    I need to hunt out some Christmas gifts for everyone.  Maybe I can write a new list of ideas (or I could get everyone else to do the hard work by creating a challenge.)

    4. Tonight

    Do I go out or run a bath and rest?  I'm exhausted.  I'll see how I'm feeling later.

    Should I watch Dr.Who the last episode was rubbish, but maybe this will be better?  Got nothing else to do, may as well.

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