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    1. Truth doesn't exist

    We might say 'but gravity exist.  I drop something and it falls to the ground '. But Einstein debunked Newton and I'm pretty sure Einstein's theory was recently debunked too.

    So gravity doesn't exist?  No the odds that if you drop something it will fall are 99.999.... % likely to happen and that's about as true as you can get, but there's still a chance you could drop something and it doesn't fall, maybe it's a balloon and it rises to the sky, quite the opposite on what we expected.

    The closest thing we get to truth is observation, but magic quickly drops the absolute truth of that.

    Think in odds it's 99.9% true, but I could be wrong.  That's 0.000....1% chance of being truthful.  Absolute rubbish.  Allowing space that you could be wrong will prevent cognitive disonance taking over and having you defend nonsense.

    Science is about proving the comenly held truth, wrong.  If scientists know they can be wrong, so should we.

    2. Some people would rather be sad

    ... Than take responsibility for their own happiness.  I've seen times after time people unwilling to take responsibility for their own life, because the reason they're sad, angry, depressed is someone else's fault.

    So what if it's there fault.  Is it more likely that they'll change and help you or that if you take responsibility you'll help yourself and grow as a person.

    Noone likes to admit it but being a victim feels great.  You feel like a helpless baby again and have the world treat you as such, protecting you.  It's not a life anyone should settle for, but unfortunately it's one many will die living.

    3. Monthly Hat

    I could make a new hat each month that is only ever sold for a month.  Scarcity should drive folk to appreciate it more and want to buy it.

    I could also have a blog showcasing all the past hats and how many were ever made/bought.

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