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I've been feeling great today.  As a result I've come up with a few random thoughts worth sharing.

    1. How you're programmed to hate

    A thought this was a good visual into why you should always do your own research and view things in their original context.

    2. Respect

    I feel blessed.  Everyone I respect loves me.

    This makes those that like me, like me a little more and there's not much point stressing over those that don't.

    3. CEX

    CEX is a secondhand electronic store.

    Buying airpods from CEX is a lot like buying underwear from the charity shop.

    Second hand earphones just sounds disgusting to me.

    4. Status Quo bias

    People would rather keep the status quo than pick a decision with unknown outcomes.  Sale's people use this bias to their advantage by using the 'think past the sale ' technique.  They get you to imagine life with your new car.  How easy it will be getting the kids to school, getting shopping done in one trip, being able to travel further and see friends in different cities etc.  they paint the picture so well that you come to believe that that is the status quo.  Once that's reality choosing to go back to your tough life without a car sounds insane.

    I'm slowly working away on my bias book.  Writing about a few biases each week seems doable, hopefully the moment picks up and I'll be writing even more soon enough.

    5. Sun

    Is it possible to be sad when the suns out?  I bet the happiest countries are the ones that get the most sun.
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