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Random Words - Shiritori 2

The challenge is to give two random words a new meaning...

More about this here: https://notepd.com/idea/shiritori-ideas-through-combining-random-words-ogsn8

I modified the python script a bit and downloaded the 10,000 word list.


In the Japanese word game Shiritori, a word always begins with the letter that the previous one ends with.

Here is the output:


Let the game begin. ;-)

    1. Brooklyn, Nightmare

    Collect reports from people who had bad experiences in Brooklyn. Make a book out of it.

    2. Earthquake, eh

    Film people who are completely perplexed by an earthquake. Upload the video to YouTube.

    3. Soap, pursue

    The pursuit of the perfect soap: experiments + sale of the finished product via a web shop.

    4. Gifts, somewhat

    A website or Facebook group where people can be nasty about gifts they find slightly unsatisfying.

    5. Finally, Yugoslavia

    Organize retirement in the area of the former Yugoslavia.

    6. Velocity, yesterday

    Record all movements in one day. Calculate the average speed at which someone moved.

    7. Comedy, yes

    Make people laugh so that they feel positive about you.

    8. Grammar, ratios

    Analyze the structures and frequencies of words, tenses, subjunctive moods, etc. Use this to create a simplified grammar for a language.

    9. Hart, translated

    Is "hart" an English word? I only found a bunch of shortcuts. For example "Housing Action Resource Trust". Perhaps one could use words that don't even exist to make certain texts more difficult to translate. These words could also be a kind of marker that a text has been translated.

    10. Creativity, Yahoo

    Is Yahoo still in business? You could hold a creative competition to find the best concept that could make this company successful again.

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