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Ray's Delights

Thanks to @DonnKing for the inspiration!


    1. First cup of coffee in the morning

    If you know, you know.

    2. Something sweet with the coffee

    Limited on these recently, but my go to sweets are apple fritters from Dunkin (15 seconds in the microwave to head up the apple filling) and cheese danish.

    3. Morning Quiet Time

    Weekends when wife and son don't wake up until 9am or so. Get 3+ hours to "do my thing." Additional delight when it is not so cold that I can't sit on the front steps and watch the stars.

    4. Weekend errands

    Short drive to recycling, post office, bank, and maybe Dunkin for an apple fritter.

    5. When the son busts the wife's chops

    He's really good at pushing her buttons and she lets it happen.

    6. Work Keys on the backpack

    When the work day is done for the primary job, the office keys get detached from the key ring and put onto the backpack. Satisfaction of the work day being done.

    7. Getting a list or two ahead here.

    At least a couple good ideas for writing lists, for those days of mental constipation or excessively scheduled days.

    8. Opening the car windows

    When it is warm enough.... and crank up the tunes.

    9. Naps

    Mid-afternoon naps on the couch.

    10. Crew time

    When officiating, getting to the game site early, and having time to hang out with my crew before we have to get ready for the game.

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