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Reason New York MIGHT Be Coming Back

Some fun with virtual James.

    1. The new James is not a podcast

    2. He will be on TikTok and Instagram live as well

    3. He will have guests, but they will be younger than me

    4. He will do more current events and politics

    5. And maybe he won't be as funny. But he can do the "anti-Judd" thing.

    i.e., people who want to hear about my past but don't want to go through it again themselves.

    The new James can just talk about the latest news and comedy and not bore people with stories from my past (which I find boring when other people tell them).

    I was talking to my daughter yesterday about this idea. She said, "The new James should definitely do podcasts."

    To which I replied, "I don't think so."

    "But you could interview people," she said.

    "Like who?" I asked her (as if I didn't know).
    "Well, like Elon Musk or....or....whoever," she stammered out.

    "Do you really think I would get an interview with Elon Musk?" I asked her (as if I didn't know). 
    cloneembedreportprint ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '  ' ' '   Note to self: must study up on who is in the running for 2020 so I can ask them questions for next week's podcast!

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