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Reasons Everyone Should Carry a Pocketknife.

Humans are a tool using species. And a knife is one of the most basic of tools. Since the Stone Age, mankind have carried and used knives in their daily lives. But today, the overwhelming majority of people no longer do. But maybe we should.

    1. Self sufficiency

    With a small knife in your pocket or on your belt you have exponentially increased your odds of being able to change or improve your circumstances. No longer do you need to go looking or asking. Just reach in your pocket.

    2. Opening packages

    3. Food preparation

    4. Which tool do you need?

    I carry a variety of different Swiss Army Knives (SAK) depending on what I might need or be doing that day. Ever been to a party and no one has a corkscrew? I never have because of my trusty pocketknife.

    5. Are you a tradesman?

    If you are, you already know this.

    6. Are staples the bane of your existence?

    In my office, I'm pulling staples several times a day. With my SAK.

    7. A knife is the tool that allows you to create, fix, or modify other tools.

    Like carving a spoon. Or unjamming the shredder.

    8. It might allow you to save a life.

    In real world situations, I've had to use my personal knife to cut people trapped in harness. And to rapidly construct a tourniquet. 

    9. Self Defense?

    Pocketknives are not weapons. They are tools. But in times of extremis, many types of tools can end up being pressed into service. A knife in your pocket gives you more options than not having one.

    10. The examples are endless.

    A loose thread on your shirt. A splinter in your finger. Clamshell packaging, A corroded battery. A belt that is too loose. Or too tight. A loose screw.

    11. So, what will be in your pockets tomorrow?

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