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Reasons New York MIGHT Be Coming Back

Some fun with virtual James.

    1. The Tenant / Landlord relationship is changing.

    The tenant has more power than ever before. In the past, a landlord would raise rent to market rates when a lease was up. But now, with Airbnb and other reasons, the landlord has to compete with Airbnb or he risks losing the tenant. This is happening in big cities all over the world and will continue.

    2. China wants to get out of USD but not into BTC

    China owns 1.4 trillion dollars of US debt. They want to get out of it but they don't want their currency (the Yuan) to go down if they sell off US debt. Bitcoin is an easy way for them to do this without crashing their currency (they can buy BTC and then sell it later when their currency recovers). There are many other reasons why China might be moving into crypto but this one seems like a real possibility since it's reported on mainstream news all the time

    3. Institutional investors getting interested in crypto again

    There were two major reasons why crypto crashed last year: 1) ICOs were scams and 2) there was no institutional money coming in so there was no liquidity so people couldn't cash out quickly enough so there was panic selling. Well, 1) many of the ICOs were scams but that doesn't mean all of them were (and some VC firms are starting to invest in ICOs again), and 2) Institutional money is coming back into Crypto because exchanges now have insurance from Lloyd's of London which means institutional investors can trust that their money won't disappear if an exchange goes down (previously they didn't have this insurance).

    4. Regulated exchanges are coming online soon

    CME group just announced regulated exchanges for Bitcoin futures trading by mid-December 2018 . This means much bigger players can get involved knowing that there will be more "legitimacy" around Bitcoin as a financial instrument. This will also make it easier for institutions to trade Bitcoin since they can bet on its price going up or down with futures trading rather than having to buy coins directly on unregulated exchanges where it's harder to track prices and perform hedging strategies if needed.

    5. The Lightning Network will be ready soon

    The Lightning Network solves many problems related to scalability and speed on Blockchain technology (Bitcoin's main use case). It takes transactions off the blockchain itself so transactions happen instantly instead of taking up to 30 minutes sometimes when using bitcoin directly. It allows millions or even billions of transactions per day compared with less than ten per second currently on bitcoin (although other blockchains have faster speeds). The Lightning Network is almost ready for use now but needs some more testing before mass adoption occurs (which should occur by January 2019). When this happens, bitcoin transactions will become much cheaper since most transactions won't be happening directly on the blockchain anymore (if you don't know what I am talking about here then just ignore this point).

    6. ATH buying pressure is building due to halving event in July 2020

    Every four years, there's a halving event where miners who "dig" for new Bitcoins get rewarded with half as much new Bitcoin as previously due to inflation reducing over time. This creates BUYING PRESSURE because miners must then buy more Bitcoins elsewhere in order to pay bills running their mining operations after getting only half as much reward from mining actions..
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