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Reasons not to drink

I've been off the drink for over a month now.  I tried a few days ago, but wasn't a fan.  What follows are a list of reasons why I stopped and have no interest in going back to it.

Reasons not to drink

    1. Health

    I've seen what it does to folk and have had a friend really damaged by it.  I don't want that for myself.  

    It kills brain cells and I pride myself on my smarts. I'd like to keep that for as long as possible.

    I've got epilepsy drink and epilepsy aren't a good mix.  Ever fit I've had followed a drinking session.

    2. Enjoyment

    I use to drink for fun.  We'd all get wasted do crazy things and have a great time.  I use too be too shy to do some of the madness sober, but now I don't really care.  I have just as much fun sober and I have the added bonus of being able to remember it.

    3. Courage

    They call alcohol liquid courage and at least for me, it was.  Since being off it I've managed to talk to girls and get some good results just fine.  I've enough faith in myself I don't need the drink anymore.

    4. Money

    Scotland has an alcohol tax and it's gone up as a result so has the price on all drinks.  Everything else already costs a fortune I don't need to waste what little money I have on this.  

    The non alcoholic version's cost about half the price.

    5. Taste

    The non alcoholic version's taste a lot better than I thought.  Really enjoying drinking them.

    6. No hangover

    Walking up the following day with energy feels amazing.  I'm able to get so much more done as a result.

    7. Drunk texts

    They where never bad, but they'd get akward at times.  They'd add a small level of stress and I don't need that in my life.

    8. I want to

    I always thought I needed a big reason to stop.  Like being an alcoholic or it having a serious effect on my health.  Many folks think that's why I've stopped, which is a shame.  Why should you need to get to that level to stop?  Why not stop before things get close to that level?

    I want to stop, surely that should be enough.

    9. Confirmation Bias

    I'm writing this list as well as saying these reasons aloud more often with the hopes that confirmation bias will kick in and make going back harder.  I've noticed it working already.  When I gave myself a chance to drink again 1/2 my drinks where non alcoholic.

    I'm writing a book all about using biases for your own advantage, I'll be sure to include this story.

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