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Reasons NOT to leave your significant other

(this is assuming there is no abuse or violence, in which case, LEAVE!)

    1. You have built a life together

    2. Your assets are all co-mingled

    3. You once loved that person more than anybody else in the world

    4. Challenges in relationships give us an opportunity to learn and grow

    5. The thing that is coming up for you isn't about them, it is about you

    6. Until you do the inner work, you'll only end up in the same relationship with a different person

    7. You are capable to overcoming anything, should you choose

    8. Their issues are not your issues. If you are making their issues your issues, you need to figure out how to allow their issues to be their own

    9. We all need to learn how to take radical accountability for our own actions

    10. Forgiveness is a skill we all must learn in order to achieve a life of peace. Embrace the need, and accept this is your path

    And create safe and healthy boundaries- I am in no way saying we should settle!

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