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Reason's to live

Today I lost another good friend to suicide.  

I'm tired of seeing friends get to this stage.  Hopefully this list will help me encourage folks to push through when all seem lost.

Rest In Peace Gary.

    1. This too shall pass

    Ask the average person to write a sequence of 100 random coin flips and it will look something like - h,t,hh,t,hhh,TT... What we misunderstand about coinflips and random event's in general is it's far more common to have t,hhhhhhh,ttt,hhhhh,ttttttttt than you'd think.  This is what random looks like.

    In saying that when good times hit we're usually blind to them, we just want to enjoy life.  But when thing's get bad we feel it and because we're unaware of what random events really look like we get the impression that it's not random.  That this is something that will carry on forever.  But just like the good times that passed, this too shall pass.

    2. I'll survive

    How many tough times have you already gotten through?  Being bullied as a child, not being able to find work, being crushed by your first love etc.  despite it feeling like the end of the world, you survived.  Not only that if you today were put back into that position you'd be laughing at the fact you ever felt like it was that bad.  So next time you're in a similar situation, tell yourself - I'll survive.

    3. Invincible

    When you're in the possession of 'better off dead ' you've reached invincible status.  You can do anything without any consequences.  If you die, you die you were planning that anyway.  Many understand this and commit evil acts upon the world, I'm not suggesting that. 

    I'm saying try anything you've ever been to scarred to do.  Ask out someone well above your league.  Say the thing's you've been holding in, blow all your money on doing something you love.

    Scott Adams explained this point better than I can...

    4. Coward's way out

    Down go down as a coward.  Suicide is giving up and giving up is for cowards.  Push through.  Gather friends, an army and defeate whatever stands in your way.  That's the way of hero's.  

    I don't understand anyone that argues this point.  When folk are on the edge are they more likely to do it if they'll be remembered as a coward or courageous?  If more folk had the courage to say it's a cowardly act, more folk would be saved.

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