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Reasons to stay /go

Do I stay in Scotland or venture out again? 

Reasons to stay /go

    1. Stay - Friends /Family

    That was the toughest part of living away. They get me better than most folk and sometimes that's what you need. 

    2. Go - Explore

    I love exploring new places. I've seen most of what there is to see here. 

    3. Go - Job I love

    I love teaching and despite looking can't find anything that would bring the same amount of joy here. 

    4. Go - Didn't get into the uni

    I probably shouldn't have said 'inclusive learning' could have unintended consequences. I thought a lesson on unintended consequences would be intresting, but I don't think they liked me criticising something they hold dear. 

    5. Stay - Gigs

    I really missed being able to see bands whilst I was away. Then again I got lucky and managed to see The Descendents in Beijing and book a holiday to see Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution in LA. Maybe I could do that again? 

    6. Go - personal projects are digital

    I'm trying to build a following for 'The Rocco Effect', but I can do that anywhere. I can publish books on amazon from anywhere, make merch and online courses. I can't think of any benifits to staying. 

    7. Go - Life's short

    I can't see myself living here the rest of my life. If I'm going to leave for a better life anyway, sooner is better than later. 

    8. Stay - effort

    Starting again is tough. But I'm at the point now where it's inevitable. I'm in a job a Hate, single and living with my parents. If I'm starting again anyway, it may as well be as a king. 
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