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Reasons why I love and hate the holidays.

I have mixed feelings around the Christmas holidays; here is why. Maybe others share my sentiments. 

    1. It is great being with family, but I can do without the drama associated with it.

    Hard to relax and enjoy when trying to skirt certain issues and walk on eggshells all day. 

    2. I like giving gifts, but I feel like I am terrible at it.

    I feel like my gifts never quite live up to expectations. I try to be thoughtful but my gifts don't seem to reflect how much I love my family. I struggle to find the right balance: don't go overboard, don't go under, don't project my likes on to them, get them something they will like but don't have...ugh. 

    3. I love seeing my family but get overwhelmed

    I get overwhelmed with two sides of families to please plus my own tribe. So much preparation to cover everyone. 

    4. Pressure to have the perfect holiday

    Christmas is supposed to be perfect. Gifts galore. Happiness all around. Dinner. Dessert. Everyone loves each other. No drama. Smooth as can be. Relaxing. Yet it stresses me out. 

    5. The cost is high

    Money for sure, but also time in preparation, shopping, decorating, navigating family dynamics. 

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