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Reasons Why We Can't Get A Dog

    1. It Rains Here A Lot

    Who's going to take the dog for daily walks when it's raining?

    2. The Backyard has no fence

    It's not a big space to run around in, and deer sometimes drop in. Either the dog hurts the deer, or goes running off to God knows where.

    3. It's a struggle to get the kids to feed the cat

    Cats are easy by comparison, if the kids need to be nagged into feeding her when she's hungry, what hope is there for the dog to be cared for properly?

    4. We travel a lot

    We can leave the cat alone for a couple of days, or get a cat sitter to drop in on her for longer periods - it's worked well. Getting a dog walker would be more costly.

    5. Will the cat get along with the dog?

    6. Training/Obedience School

    This one is subjective/personal, but there are a bunch of undesirable behaviours that dogs engage in that I think Is the responsibility of the owners to curb - excessive barking, jumping up, etc. I don't have the time or budget to get this done for a dog.

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