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Reflect on The Past Week And List 10 Things You are Grateful For

It was a significant week when it comes to my current life changes. Some relationship issues, but in the end, things got better than they were the week before.

Reflect on The Past Week And List 10 Things You are Grateful For

    1. I signed a rental contract

    This was also part of another list I recently made.

    It's incredibly difficult to find a place in this city. I'd like to think I got the apartment because I sent a funny application, but I think it's just because the landlord is also Belgian. Funny how that works.

    2. I went to the movie theater to watch a film dubbed in Italian

    'See How They Run', or 'Omicido Nel West End'.

    It was reassuring to notice that I could understand a few sentences here and there, and I got the feeling that if I spend time learning the basics, it will get a lot easier to reach a decent level of comprehension.

    3. I had pizza

    4. I bought a bunch of useful things for my apartment

    Feels weird! But mostly good.

    5. I bought toy swords

    I told my girlfriend we could use them when we get into an argument.

    6. I bought pencils and markers

    Spontaneously. Maybe I'll get back to drawing funny cartoons? Maybe I'll finally learn how to draw. I don't know yet. I thought I'd buy them just in case.

    7. I had lovely interactions with the employees at the coffee shop

    They're so nice.

    8. A new NSFW experience

    9. I spontaneously went running for just a few minutes

    I haven't worked out since arriving in Italy, and now that I have a place, I'm looking forward to signing up to a gym once I feel physically better. The other day, I suggested to my girlfriend that we should go running "just for two minutes" hoping that it would make her feel mentally better, and it worked. It's so important not to neglect physical activity.

    10. Work getting better and better

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