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Relationship Revelations: Vol. 1

    1. Admit that you don't know what anything is for.

    Don't believe you understand anything that you see.
    Because the meaning of what's going on in the relationship has been lost to you.
    But your Loving Mind has saved its meaning for you.
    Allow love to interpret what's going on in the relationship and you'll experience peace that passeth all understanding.
    Love will help restore to you what you've thrown away.

    2. If you think you know then you will never ask for a different way to look at it.

    Admit to yourself that your best efforts have led you to where you are.

    3. Mind reversal.

    1. You devise a laundry list of things you think are going to make you happy.
    2. Once you have your list, you find a "Who" who you think is going to make you happy.
    3. Only a few will ask for God's advice.
    You decide on a job that you want and then you ask the Universe what you should do.
    What you think is kind, isn't, that's why you feel others mistake your kindness for a weakness.
    You say you can't apologize because you don't know the true healing power of an apology.

    4. What are the attributes of revelation relationships?

    The answer will be something that you have the capability to do.
    You will always know when the answer is from Love because it will be something you can do NOW.
    The answer will not depend on a slice of time.
    If the answer is not about something you can do now be certain that it's a plan you made up and not from spirit.

    5. How do you know when you're following Divine Guidance unless you also know when you're not?

    In the absence of that which is, that which is not cannot be.
    If you've had a plan that failed, that was your plan.
    Love's plan is the only plan that can not fail.
    Love's plan is letting go of all grievances.
    Love's plan says "give all to all."
    Love's plan says, "You are holy."
    Love's plan says, "You are still as God created you to be."

    6. Food for thought.

    If your relationships brings you a lot of heartaches, pain, conflict, chaos, and divisiveness you'd have to conclude your programming about relationships are incorrect.
    Every time you follow your plan you run into a brick wall.
    You've never stopped and asked for a different way to look at the situation.
    You can't see anything anew while tenaciously grasping to your old way of thinking.
    Throwing new paint on a wooden house infested with termites is guaranteed to fail.
    Doing the same or thinking the same but expecting different results is insanity.

    7. You looked at everything wrong...

    If you felt unhappy today.
    If you felt like a victim today.
    if you felt unloved today.
    If you felt alone today.
    If you felt abandoned today.
    You didn't see correctly and you are innocent and loved unconditionally.
    Imagine how torturing it is that you would punish yourself a whole day being unhappy.
    Did you ask for another way of looking at this day that was not disturbing to your peace of mind?

    8. You don't know the meaning of anything you see.

    Recognize there's not one thought that you have that's totally true.
    What you could benefit from is some instructions on how to see things differently.
    If you look at your world you'll notice you're in a bit of a pickle.
    What would happen in your life if you were given instructions on how to have a shift in perception?
    Recognize (admit) that you don't know the meaning of anything you see but do not accept that as your resting place.
    Knowing the Truth, letting go of all grievances, and seeing through the eyes of Love is your birthright.

    9. All perceptions are learned.

    The way you see things is learned.
    The way you see men, women, children, etc. you learned it.
    The way you see your neighbor or your boss you learned it.
    The way you see your family situation, your marriage situation, or your job situation you learned it.
    You need to learn how to see differently and Love is your teacher.
    Give her a spin, she has a 100% success rate.
    But if you already think you know what love is she can't help you.
    If you really want for Love to be your teacher you will have to question everything you taught yourself?
    If you don't feel peace, joy, and happiness, I'm sure you'll agree that it might be time to question what you are telling yourself.
    There's only one right use of judgment and that is to show you how you feel.
    Humor yourself and admit that you may not know everything. Only then can you be helped.
    • Miserable person.
    • Angry person.
    • Jealous person.
    • Fearful person.
    • Guilty person.
    • Insecure person.
    • Racist person.
    • Judgmental person.
    • Broke person.
    • Projecting person.
    You learned incorrectly so it's not a good idea to continue to use yourself as a teacher.
    Allow a Power greater than yourself to teach you.
    An unhealed healer cannot heal.
    Allow love to remove the blocks that prevent you from hearing your inner guidance.

    10. One question.

    Do you want to separate or join?
    Do you want to experience conflict or peace?
    Practical application:
    "I hope I'm wrong but I feel that you don't give me your full attention."
    "I hope I'm wrong but I feel you're not pulling your weight around the house."
    "I hope I'm wrong but I feel you're getting all the credit for the work I'm doing."
    "Do you want to join with me or do you want to separate?"
    It's not about which one of you is right and which one is wrong.
    It's not about one person getting their way and the other person feeling left out.
    It's not about projecting onto another what you refuse to see in yourself.
    It's not blaming yourself or someone else.
    If you expect to have a way out where everybody wins joining is The Way.
    It's the only path to Love.
    It's the only way that's guaranteed not to fail.
    So, I repeat, do you want to join or separate?
    If you want to separate no matter what is said or done you will use it as a weapon to make yourself feel more separate.
    If your goal is to heal and experience peace your plan will not fail. Joining happens without effort.
    Making the attempt to join is not joining no more than trying to stand is standing. There is no "try."
    Having peace, harmony, and healing doesn't mean two people will remain physically together.
    Successful relationships is when all parties involved are holistically at peace.
    Revelation Relationships happen spontaneously when there is no conflict in the  mind.
    Revelation Relationships are not about form but are heavily rooted in content.
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