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Restarting every day

Making the restart apart of my daily practice 

    1. Discovered that this works best for my phone often find it wouldn't connect to devices

    2. Also with my work pc the simple reset I often forget to this .It also forces me

    3. Shutting down properly at night this doesn't apply to devices but to me

    How can I face the day 

    4. Use the James Altucher technique of being an alien in your body and looking at the world afresh

    5. Before piling into that task see if there is a new approach I can adopt

    6. The restart often means that you can build up so be mindful of what tasks actions I am going to take

    7. Not just think about the restart could I actually benefit a shut down is there a part of my life I hibernate temporarily or permanently.

    8. Do the restart with my to do list don't just lost what wasn't done the day before properly revaluate what I want to achive

    9. A restart gets me to map my intentions for the day to my value is this true to the best version of me

    10. Clean slate time, use gratitude use forgiveness and use self compassion to bring about the restart they are far more effective than enforced amnesia

    11. I can now imagine that big reset button and imagine pushing it and let that suite of techniques I have follow it and achieve a reset

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