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Rethinking the 'Mama Bear' Mentality (1 min 39 sec)

A Mama Bear is fiercely protective of her children.
Being a "Mama Bear" is the instinctive nature of a mother to defend and safeguard her offspring from any perceived harm.
Being a "Mama Bear" implies a sense of strength, loyalty, and unwavering devotion exhibited by mothers.
Mama Bear-ness is a way of ensuring the well-being and safety of her children.
But you're not a bear.

    1. Love says that the belief in the need for protection arises from the illusion of a separate and vulnerable self.

    Is there a genuine need to defend ourselves against real threats in the world?

    2. The true nature of our being is beyond the world of time and space.

    3. We are spiritual beings, connected to a loving and Eternal Source.

    The need for protection becomes unnecessary, as there is no real threat to our true essence or that of our children.

    4. The more we believe in the need for protection, the more we reinforce the illusion of vulnerability and the perception of threats.

    5. I encourage you to question these beliefs and recognize that the world you perceive is illusory and not aligned with the truth of the Self.

    6. By relinquishing the notion of being a 'Mama Bear' and embracing Love, you can liberate yourself from the fear that arises when perceiving threats.

    7. Trust in the Divine protection that is always available to you and your children.

    8. Mama Bear-ness laid to rest.

    In Love, there is no need for fear or defensiveness.

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