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If I ran the zoo and had 2k per month

    1. $2,000 per month - whoopie!

    This is cool since I live on $312/month so I would have a car and my cat Smoochie and I would travel. I could get to Universities and maybe talk. I usually start in the common tv room and always meet people. Anyway, that is how I did it when I was younger (in my 40's) and hitched around everywhere with my guitar and I miss it but probably too old to hitch around now. Oh well, I did make it around the world on a $5,000 inheritance and was able to stop in Hawaii for about the last 30 years, I left when they wanted to intubate me for showing covid called a fraud on the DOJ Honolulu website front page.

    I would be able to get all my gear to open mikes and start jammin'. The possibilities are unlimited.

    Bottom line, I would invest in myself and my talents! Always! Buy my book, "Banned,, Politically Incorrect" by Notso Anonymous on Amazon and get me to 2k per month and I will show you how much I can do!

    2. Elephanta

    I adopted a young child in Bombay, now Mumbai, when I laughed at the 12 year old girl holding him (he was 8) asking for "baksheesh" and exclaimed she wasn't old enough to have an * year old child.

    "Here, then, he's yours!", she said.

    I took him and we started by getting him some foo and I said he could invite his friends. whoa! we had a LARGE group so afterwards I said only 3 friends at a time, chuckling to myself.

    Suresh said "Elephanta" when I asked the name of a small island offshore, so we got on the boat and went there. It was a monkey island I am glad to have shown him we were in command of monkeys when he got scared. I acted the Big Gorilla and the monkeys picking at him scattered.

    We went on to see the ancient caverns where all the mudras and postures of ancient yoga were in stone. WOW!

    If I had 2k per month I could probably go find my son in India.

    3. Suresh

    I guess I did some good in my life.

    Suresh was very smart and a sudra or lowest class and his father begged in the train station and his mother was a prostitute. I made sure he knew them and he showed me the slums of Bombay (circa 1986).

    I knew he couldn't come with me to America when I had to leave so I found the Garden School run by some beautiful nuns and concluded a deal to get him educated but he had to wait a couple of past when I had to leave.

    Hmmm. This is the deal, I gave the nuns enough money so if he showed up every morning after I left for the weeks he had to wait to be accepted the nuns would give him enough for food and an ice cream.

    We went for a few days before I left so he had the path down.

    His is carpenter and has a family now. He speaks and writes English (and Hindi which he tried to teach me to no avail) very well.

    Yes that is what I would do - go find my son!

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