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Review Questions (Fiction)

Answering questions allows for an easy way to come up with content fast. Answer these questions about a tv show, film or book and you'll have a solid review.

    1. What are the main character(s) strength and weaknesses?

    Perfect characters, make for a boring story. If a strength isn't obvious they're probably a badly written character. Weaknesses are were the character will grow/points of humour.

    2. What makes this story unique?

    The Unique selling point is what draws us in and keeps us engaged .

    3. What point did you fall in love/hate it?

    It's usually early on that we decide if we love/hate something. This will allow for a fair review without any big spoilers.

    4. How has this changed me?

    A good story changes you in some way. Knowing how a story may change you may be the difference of checking it out/ignoring it.

    5. What does this remind you of?

    If you like the similar stories you'll probably like this, likewise if you hate them, you'll hate this

    6. What made you smile?

    What part(s) made you smile? Why?

    7. Favourite quote

    A quote will allow you to see if the dialogue is for you. Victorian romances are very different from crime drams which are very different from wacky comedy.

    8. Parts I disliked

    It's good to have a full picture. Bad parts really stick out and can rune an otherwise great story. Being aware of these is always good to know.

    9. Summary/Stars

    A quick summary and a review score to end your review.

    10. Example

    Show - Welcome to the NHK (Anime)

    * I've not watched this in a long time, but it's one of my favourites so I'll try my best.

    The main character is about as week as they come. He's a loser. He's scared out the outside, so spends most of his time, alone in his one room apartment.He's not only scared of the outside, he's convinced that it's a conspiracy, by the evil NHK to keep him indoors. If he could break past it's control he could be the hero he was destined to be. His strength is that deep down he still has some kindness in him. Over the course of the show his kindness as well as alll other aspects about him grow.

    What makes this story stand out is the fact it's a story of the biggest loser imaginable, learning why even he has a reason to live.

    I fell in love in the first episode. The animation, the comedy. The main character(s). It all blended together into something I loved.

    It changed me, because I identified with the main character. I was never that bad, but saw part's of myself in him/. Through watching I learned that even the people we regard as doing great, struggle just as much with their mental demons. Smart people fail.And being kind isn't always enough.

    Similar anime to golden boy, yet their both very unique. I don't think I've came across anything similar to this.

    The way he cares for others makes me smile. He doesn't have much to give, but what he does he gives it his all..

    Favourite Quote - “People who neglect to make efforts or who don’t take any actions at all are always the ones who dream that someday they will suddenly become wildly successful.” - Misaki

    I'm sure there must have been filler episodes, but I honestly can't remember. I've somehow managed to forget all that I disliked to only be left with everything I loved about the show.

    Sato a loser, who is scared of leaving his house is met by Misaki. She trains him to become a better person. During that journey Sato meet's up with an old friend. Creates a video game. Comes to the brink of ending his life. Returns to college and more. This is a story about growth, about becoming a better person. And that's why I love it. A solid 5/5

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