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Steve Alvest


Roadtrip day 3 thoughts

    1. Next time we need to reserve at least as many days stationary as days driving

    2. We don't care for tourist attractions. Instead, we enjoy being away from crowds

    3. We enjoy cheap eats most. Overpriced food leaves a bitter taste in our mouths

    4. Maybe our days of pure roadtripping are over. Too much driving for our old bones.

    5. Or maybe we need to limit daily driving to 3 hours per day?

    6. How about traveling slowly in 1 hour bursts? (Frequent stops)

    7. All the wild animals come out to play at night

    8. We encountered racists in Louisville, openly mocking my American family for being "Chinese"

    9. My wife went into a rural Wal-mart alone and she said everyone were turning their heads and staring at her

    10. But despite these isolated instances, we also found that 99% of people are friendly when you treat them as equals

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