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Rocco Clothes shop

How would I make my clothes shop better than the rest? 

Rocco Clothes shop

    1. Photo Spot

    Clothes always look best when you're in the changing room. How about the same lighting, but with a nice backdrop. After you buy your items a staff member can take a few photos for you. Photos are then uploaded to store social media with a watermark.

    Customers can steal the photo or share from page. Either way it advertises the store. People look great in our clothes. People are shopping here. Allows people to see random customers and know how popular the store is. 

    2. Scent

    Add a unique sent throughout the store. People will accociate this smell directly with the store. 

    3. Unique Design

    Similar to a 'character creator' type game - have an app that allows customers to make their own design that can be printed in store..

    Take a leaf from build a bear an make it an experience and have stations for each part of the process. Pick your clothing. Design your print. Print your print. Pay. Photoshoot. 

    4. Find the little man

    Hide a small figure in the store and offer a discount for anyone that finds it. It adds even more fun to the shopping experience. Staff have fun hiding him and customers have fun finding him. Photos can be shared to social media to further advertise the store. 

    5. Event

    A quiz /game /1 min date thing, stand up comedy, band ect. Every week, if you wear clothes from the store you can participate, for free in a fun event. Photos /videos are took and shared online.

    The object of this is to have a crowd in the store. How often do you see clothes stores packed with people? These photos /videos will persuade people that this store is more popular than it is. 

    6. Wall of legends

    Every week the person with the most likes on there photo are printed and hung up on a display in the store.  They stay up for a year and are replaced the next year. People on the wall get a discount for a year. Only one photo is allowed on a year. 

    If space is short it can be done monthly. 

    Encourages 'good' photos. People buy the best to look their best. They share with friends in order to be on the wall. They show off to friends whenever they are close by, bringing in new customers. 

    7. Best idea genuis

    Come up with a new idea for the store and you win a free tshirt and are imortolized with a photo on the genuis wall,along with your idea. Since this is forever you don't get a discount, but a photo for being a genuis should be enough. 

    8. sexy staff

    Similar to hooters, hire good looking staff. Customers can then 'enhance' their photos with a staff member(s).

    Have guys as well in order to encourage woman to shop here as well. 

    9. Make up station

    Pay a bit more to put on makeup before your final photos. You also have the added extra that you can wear it for the rest of the day.

    Pay even more for a professional to do it for you. 

    10. Polaroid

    Pay for a poloroid. It can be hung up on a string next to the entrance, or taken home. I saw this at a bar once and loved it. They don't stay long, but staying a while is always nice. 
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