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Rocco's Album

A collection of my original songs


    1. Bat Soup

    A song about the origin of covid 19

    2. The Moon

    A song about the big bright moon, mooning down on me.

    3. Woman

    A song about what makes a woman.

    4. Glasgow City Center

    An Englishman visits Glasgow.

    5. Old Ma Sailing Out To Sea

    A song based around a dad joke.

    6. Dancing On Her Own

    A song about going to the Night Club after a night of drinking.

    7. Wheelchair

    An epic adventure, based on a real story.

    8. Christmas Time

    An observation of what you see during Christmas.

    9. The Loo

    A poem about an encounter it the bathroom.

    10. Little Zebra Baby

    A song about how black and white photos look more attractive.

    11. My Pen

    A song about my Pen

    12. Jab 1, 2, 3's

    A song about the Covid Tax.

    13. Ginger The Cat

    A song about a cat.

    14. Christmas In China

    A song about a Young Chinese Boys Christmas.

    15. Educate Men

    A short education lesson for men

    16. My Teacher is _____

    A song about my maths teacher

    17. Scottish Independence

    I meet a beautiful Lassie That was studying politics.

    18. Cover Song

    I cover my neighbours favourite song

    19. J'ai Une Baguette

    My chat up line whenever I meet a sexy French lass.

    20. Old Man Pushing Trolly

    The funniest thing I ever did see

    21. Our Souls

    A song about death

    22. Cultural Appropriation

    A list of things you shouldn't be doing.

    23. I like whiskey

    A song about my one true love.

    24. Dust In The Wind

    A song about life.

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