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Rocco's Business Plan

A lot of people tell me to get any job that pays well, but that's just not me.  I want to work enough to get by and spend the rest of the time working on my own projects so I can finally get out of the whole job game for good.

Rocco's Business Plan

    1. Books

    I've already got 3 books on Amazon.  I've enough note's too easily make drafts of a few more books that could be completed in a month.  

    I'm working on one about biases now.  I'm researching and writing down as I go,so this will take longer, but I'm enjoying the process.

    Once I've done the hard work of writing the book I can relax and for the rest of my life I'll have something that will bring in money.

    2. T-shirts

    I'm making ton's of stoic based tshirt Design's.  I couldn't find any I liked,so I made my own.

    Once I've done the hard work of Design's I can upload them to a print site, let them deal with printing and shipping whilst I relax and rake in cash for the rest of my life.

    1 design can equal multiple income streams - t-shirts (male/female, large, small, different colours), posters, jotters, bags ect.  The more options the higher the chances of a sale.


    3. Online course

    I record all new videos on how to live a happy life (wearing my fancy new t-shirts) and stick the course onto a site.

    Skillshare didn't work last time.  Maybe I'll make it a premium list here.  Maybe I'll make my own website and sell it there.  I'm sure I'll think of something.

    I do the hard work of teaching great advice through video and for as long as people are seeking to be happier I have money coming in.

    4. Stand up

    I craft my jokes into a great set then travel the world sharing it with everyone.

    Even if it's just enough to travel the world I think that's worth it.

    I could then record the set and sell it online so even more people can watch it.  Another constant stream of income.

    5. Music

    I'm far from a musician, but I'm sure I can find a way.  Maybe I'll just write the song's.

    People seem to love my stupid ukulele songs.  I could touch them up and release an album.

    I think you get the idea by now.  Laze around whilst money comes in.

    6. App

    An app that shares everything I do.  Daily blog/idea list's as well as links to all the previous items on this list.

    7. Free

    I'll continue to give out advice, videos, comics ect. for free.  The rule of resoprocity make's it more likely that they'll buy something and I love sharing.  

    8. Thoughts

    I'm pretty sure this will work out, or I'll keep trying till something does.  I'd much rather do this that waste time working for someone else without anything compounding for my own benefit.

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