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Rocco's Inventions

Some fun ideas I have for new products. 

Rocco's Inventions

    1. Electronics that don't have a led charging light

    It's night time you get yourself into your pj's and curl up into bed then Boom! The charging light from your phone blasts through your closed eyes almost blinding you.

    Honestly though what's the need? We know when the tvs on, we know when our games console is on, we know when our phones charging. Get rid of the led lights. It makes getting to sleep harder. We're adults, we don't need nightlights. 

    2. Recycling bin app

    These new bins are fitted with a weight /detection system (maybe a camera to identify user would be enough). And on the outside there's a qr code.

    Users use a special recycling app to scan code. This links the user to bin. They then scan their face to prevent dodgy stuff entering bin. User then places recyclable objects in bin. Bin weighs materials and offers you digital cash as a reward. Build up enough coins and you can get rewards. 

    This will lead to cleaner streets. 

    3. Glasses /camera

    Both cameras and glasses use lenses, yet only cameras can zoom. Could it be possible to make glasses with a zoom function? 

    4. Ai girlfriend

    Promote it on incel groups and hopefully it stops a few of them going too crazy. Not a perfect solution, but it acts as a barrier until one is found. 

    5. Zipper /whistle

    As you unzip your trouser the speakers play a wwhhooo toy whistle sound. I just think it would be funny.

    Clothes that play sound effects /background noises sounds awesome. Follow me - 8bit follow music plays. It can be activated with voice commands. 

    6. This is hard

    I thought stupid inventions would be much easier than this. I need more practice.

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