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Rylcreem - a little dab'll do ya

Love is the only Real Thing.
Love wants you to use it.
Love knows no barriers.

    1. God and Love - The Same

    God is everywhere. Love is everywhere.
    Said differently, there is no place where love is not.
    But you would beg to differ.
    Yet, I proclaim that Love is everywhere though you see it not.

    2. You don't see God in everything because you don't want to see him.

    And God always says, "Yes."
    When you are ready she will appear.
    She's outside of time.
    He gives, he never takes.

    3. A little dab'll do ya.

    Boy meets girl in the park.
    A happy accident occurs, filled with infinite possibilities.
    But he had to open his heart.
    Uh-Oh, a dry, lifeless heart can take the fun out of your life but you can put it back with Rylcreem.
    With Rylcreem , just a little dab'll do ya.
    Watch Rylcreem put some Life in dry hair and fun back into your life.
    Rylcreem gives you a look the ladies love.
    You are excitedly groomed.
    You are disturbingly healthy.
    You are masculine.
    You are debonair.
    All the girls will pursue you.
    Always a classic look.
    With Rylcreem the style is in. Actually, it never went away.
    With Rylcreem you're guaranteed 3 things:
    You save time. No fuss, no muss.
    You save space. No need to hold onto that which serves you not.
    You get the look. The look of peace.
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