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Sacred Sunday Feng Shui (from Gwynne Warner)

When you feel tired, stagnant, resistance, stuck-in-a-rut or procrastination, it's a great time to shift the chi by moving 27 things.

It's especially auspicious to do this during the hours of 11:00 am to 1:00 pm during the most yang hours of the day as well as the Hour of the Horse, an animal symbolic of success and victory. 27 is a mystical number that adds up to 9, the number of completion.

For extra supportive yang energy, turn on the lights; open the windows for fresh air and light; and burn some incense or smudge or diffuse essential oils of sweet orange while you do this practice.

As you move things, imagine radiant golden qi or the light of your heart's deity filling the space. Everything bathed in light!

(This list was sent in an email newsletter on Sunday, May 22nd from Magic Hour Tea owner, Zhena. https://clubmagichour.com/)

Here are some inspirations for moving 27 things to get your going...

    1. Lift up the legs of furniture or move it a few inches.

    2. Shake out your front door mat.

    3. Flip over your bed mattress.

    4. Move art or decor to a different place.

    5. Put fresh sheets on your bed.

    6. Change your light bulbs to a higher wattage (golden not blue).

    7. Arrange your shoes so the toes are face your front door.

    8. Move your planters a few inches.

    9. Swap out old photographs in frames for new ones.

    10. Declutter.

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