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Saturday Gratitude

I don't get a lot of Saturdays to myself due to fire department commitments. Today I did. It was a nice quiet day.

    1. Slept crazy late

    Didn't get up until 5:40.

    2. Early morning nano-workout

    I worked out yesterday so for my off day, just quick it. Held a catcher's squat for 3 minutes and then did slow pushups. Slow pushups is where you do as few as you can, going slow for as long as you can. I did 11 or 12 in 1:47 which is pretty typical for me.

    3. Finished reading Barron's

    I've been reading Barron's since the 80's, faithfully every Saturday, now mostly Friday night then finish on Saturday.

    4. Took down a satellite dish

    We had satellite internet until last month when the dish took a direct lightning strike. This caused a lot of problems, most of which are now resolved and I think we'll be better off once the last thing gets fixed. We have a different type of ISP now. Taking the dish down was a very quick honey-do.

    5. Did a lot of other reading

    but didn't really write anything beyond a couple of lists on NotePD.

    6. Great college football

    and now watching the Padres game.

    7. Hiking early Sunday morning

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