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Save Humanity with Garbage and Pyramids!

Yes. You heard me right. If anyone can get me in touch with Elon Musk, I need to meet with him immediately. He can pick me up in a private jet at PVD in the United States.
We are going purchase about 1 million acres in the South West of the United States. I am thinking Texas, but wherever. I will need a team of about 20 people to get started. Engineer's mostly, but not important now. We are going to begin to accept all of the garbage, trash and waste in the United States. We are no longer going to bury the trash in land fills. There are three major aspects of this idea. One is to rid the earth of all trash. Well we will transform it. The second is to transform the trash (all of it) into structural building blocks for the next dozens of generations here on earth. The third is to signal extraterestrial life and let them know that we have developed enough to accept there communications now and possible build a place to meet. Ok, who is ready for this? We are going to take all the trash, garbage, debris, waste, etc. and we are going to grind it into a pulp. Like really small. Like dirt kind of. Then we are going to compact the 'trash dirt' into cubes. Super compact, under enormous pressure. We will scrub all exhaust and re-produce it. We will filter all liquid waste and examine it. We will figure out how to make the 'trash cubes' very strong, which they already will be due to there unique chemical composition of all human waste. Now comes the exciting part. In the center of this new village, town, city, whatever you want to call it, we are going to dig a giant hole in the ground. Giant! No, we are not going to bury the cubes to hide them from the next generation of human beings on this planet. The 'trash cubes' are large, say 30 cubic feet, like the size of a house. We are going to start building a foundation. Now, at this point, we are probably like 2 years down the road, 2024. What are we building? Well, on the outscurts of our new city will be highways, housing, manufacturing, engineering, hotels, grocery stores, everything we need to start this project and provide for the employees and their families as the projects lifts off the ground. Well, what are we building with the world's trash? This is the best part. Are you ready for this? We are going to re-build the giant Pyramids of Giza but 100 times larger. We are going to build an exact, 100 times the size of the Great Pyramids, including The Sphinx. We will need to pump in water from the ocean and de-salinate millions and millions of gallons of water. We will need Oil, Gas, Wind and Solar energy plants. We will need to build lakes and rivers. We will need hospitals and police stations. We will need a highway system. We will need an airport. While I am on airports, we are going to build a giant landing strip for any Unidentified Flying Object to land on a deep footing of guess what, our 27,000 cubic foot 'trash blocks', 20 levels deep. And then of course the Ether, the internet, and then of course the tourists will eventually want to come and check it out. So, we should have some cool museums, etc.

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