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Say What I Need To Say

There are 4 words I will use in this idea that may make you uncomfortable - God, Christ, Holy Spirit, and Love.
I understand. For years I felt the same way until I had a shift. Now I find it difficult to not use these ideas in my daily life.

    1. I'd rather know the truth of who I really am rather than the false idol that I made to try and replace God.

    Every moment of each day I'm either thinking with the mind of an imposter (my personality self) or the mind of my Real self (the Christ)

    2. I desire full communication.

    I can't expect to wake up by being shy about what I want to communicate.
    I must hold nothing back.
    My appearing small doesn't serve the world.
    Partial communication involves people pleasing which I refuse to take part in.
    How does it benefit you for me to feel that I have to walk on eggshells as it relates to what I share with you?
    I expect a few apple carts to be overturned because I'm not mincing my words.
    I expect that my ideas will step on a few toes.
    I've been far too shy about my awakening.

    3. I let the Holy Spirit speak through me.

    My plea...

    • What do you want me to say?
    • Where do you want me to go?
    • Who do you want me to say it to?
    I follow directives.
    I expect disruptions because the wisdom is not of this world.
    I'm bold in the gentleness of love.
    I'm bold with getting in touch with my feelings.
    Above all, I'm only here to be truly helpful.
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